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Many of the articles here were written for Yoga Movement, a website I started in 2000 and ran for more than 15 years. When I was writing these articles, I had one goal: to share yoga as I was learning it and experiencing it.

I’m not a yoga teacher; I’m a journalist by trade, a mother, a grandmother, a writer, a reader, a lover of chocolate, bread, and hummingbirds. So if you find a nugget in these articles to lighten your spirit, please take it and grow it.

I was a tennis player sidelined with plantar fasciitis when I discovered yoga nearly 20 years ago. Now two shoulder surgeries and cranky knees later, I have left the tennis court, but I am still on the yoga mat. I still turn to the calming wisdom of yoga to handle the stresses in my life. And I am trying to find new ways to write about yoga in my Maya Skye mystery series, novels featuring the adventures of a yoga teacher in a small Minnesota town.


Patanjali and His Eightfold Path of Yoga

To perform the boat posture simply to get a flatter tummy is missing the boat, according to Patanjali.

Confessions of an Inept Yogi

It is easy to be a yogi in a cave in the Himalayas. Ascetics don’t have to worry about how to make the next college payment or tolerate telemarketers at dinner.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. So what are you waiting for? This is the year you find balance in your life.

Yoga Paths: A Commitment to Change

The sentiment of choosing a path, of taking action, and forever changing your life is what yoga is all about.

Choosing a Yoga Style

No yoga style is better than another. Find a style that you can relate to and furthers your own personal growth.

Personal Yoga Practice

Developing a personal yoga practice is the difference between practicing yoga as an exercise and adopting it as a lifestyle.

Let me introduce Maya Skye.
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Tapping the Power of OM

Try chanting om in your daily meditation and let the incredible healing power of sound and vibration work for you.

Breathing: Easy and Free Destressing

There is a saying in yoga: When you can control your breath, you can control everything.

Yoga Fashion

Yoga fashion—seems rather silly to be concerned about outer appearance while working on inner change. Still, yoga fashion has hit the streets.

Answer Terrorism With Ahimsa

Ahimsa means harm no creature, no matter what. Do you choose forgiveness or retaliation in violent times?

Tennis and Yoga Hit it Off

Anything to help your backhand, you say. Many professional and amateur athletes are turning to yoga to enhance their game on the court.

Yoga Glossary

One of the toughest things about yoga is talking about it. Sanskrit words abound, and all of them look and sound so foreign to most of us. Here is a brief guide to help you talk yoga.

Yoga Retreats

Deepen your practice. Relieve stress. A yoga retreat is so much more than a vacation. It could change your life.

Na Balam Hotel Welcomes Yogis

The Na Balam hotel in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, caters to yogis. As the manager says: “We like people who do yoga. They have another kind of mind.”